Thursday, May 8, 2014

Popin' Cookin' Sushi!

Good day everyone!

So back in March I was browsing amazon, and stumbled across something.... Well... Awesome!
I found this!

It's Japanese candy sushi that you make yourself! So I ordered a few boxes from Japan, and forced my siblings to join me in a super awesome, nerdy fun time!

The instructions of course are all in Japanese, but there are videos on YouTube that you can watch. I certainly hoped that this would be as cool as it looked, and would taste good too. Please, at least let it taste good! I didn't want to have spent five dollars a box on something nasty! But if it did taste grose then at least I got free shipping! Lol

Here is what's inside the box.

From left to right: rice, egg, salmon, water solution, fish roe, soy sauce, and seaweed!

Now set the table!

You mix the powder packets with water in the container, and wow does it smelled good! Sorry I don't have pictures of the actual making of the candy!

After the candy is made, you can put them together however you please! Here is the candy I made!

Isn't it cute?

Put some candy soy sauce on it!

I am glad to tell you all that they even tasted good! Like grape and bubble gum! I will definitely be buying this product again! It is too much fun not to! Popin Cookin also has other candy foods you can make!

My sister's sushi!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe even got inspired to try something new! Have a good day everyone!


  1. Ah yes, that was awesome!! Thanx again for the nerdy japanese fun time! Next time we should put on japanese music! XD

  2. You are cooking again.....i just live to far away...have fun eat hardy

  3. I love the rice stuff, deelish!

  4. It really looks like Sushi too! How fun!!

    g'ma B.