Sunday, March 2, 2014

Read An Ebook A Week!

Hello readers!
I am buzzing with excitement!
Not only did I buy Ringo, (My mom bought him a friend! *Ruby Rod impression* Korben Dallas!) They make a wonderful addition to our family!

Hey, I also wanted to tell you all of a very big week! Smashwords is having a Read An Ebook A Week sale!
Be sure to check it out! You will be able to find many ebooks for quite the bargain!
My book Witch In The Woods is included, and from March 2-8, you can get a copy for 50% OFF! (At the checkout! Don't forget the user code! It is located in the buy box!)
I am really excited about this!
Please spread the word! Even if you don't like reading, spread the word to people who do like to read! :D

I love to read, and that is what inspired me to become an author. I hope that my books will help people enjoy reading as much as I do, because reading is such a wonderful getaway from daily life. You get to go places you have never even imagined, and live many lives, not just the one you were granted. You can dual wizards, sword fight in medieval times, and fight zombies, all without leaving your living room!

Reading is a very important part of my life, and although I may not always have a book to read, it is like my morning cup of coffee. Reading is what helps keep me going. 

How did y'all like my hopefully meaningful, inspiring spiel to get you to read?

I hope you all have a good day, and find many good books to read this week! Here is the link to my ebook on Smashwords

Don't forget to browes for other great books too!
Have a good day!


  1. Very inspiring! :D. I hope a lot of people will check this out. What a great way to add a few new books to an ebook library!

  2. I am inspired!! Thank you Taylor! (G'ma)