Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Am I Obsessed? Maybe A Little.

Welcome back, readers!

I'm sure you all have found an animal or two that you would love to have unexpectedly, just by the mere sight of the thing. You know you can't have him, but you still want him. I had one of these moments on Sunday.

I found a finch, at Petsmart. He was adorable!
I love birds, probably a little too much.
My sister and I decided to call him Ringo.
Here is a picture of him!

His feathers are growing the wrong way on the top of his head, making it look like Ringo is sporting the Beatles hairdo! Ha ha ha!

I didn't get him, though. Lurch might have gotten jealous.... I don't think he was too thrilled that I came home smelling like another bird... lol, just kidding...

I thought I would also give you all an update on the writing of my sequel to Witch In The Woods! I am almost done writing chapter thirteen! I've been slacking...Yes, I need to ham 'n jam on it if I want it on the market in May or June...
I'm not going to reveal the name of it just yet... So sorry! You have to wait a wee bit longer, but not much!

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Have a good day!


  1. Ringo the Finch, an amazing bird truly. One of my dearest friends and has made several hit songs in the bird world, every other bird sings them but don't even know he sung them first. Tragic really

  2. I love birds too. I used to want a cockatoo, but I just couldn't afford it. Anymore I love watching the various wild birds in the back yard.

    I don't think I have mentioned how much I like your background! It reminds me of a book. Hmmmm. ;)

    1. Oops, meant to sign so you would know it's your G'ma B.

    2. Thank you! I was hoping it would remind people of that! Lol

      Awe, I love cockatoos! They are expensive! I hope to get a conure one day, or an eclectus parrot! But they are pretty expensive too!