Monday, January 20, 2014

Totless Cookies!

Howdy, ya'll!

Who doesn't love a good cookie? Whether it's the classic chocolate chip cookie, gingerbread men, or sugar cookies, they are always yummy! You can always make fun shaped cookies with gingerbread and sugar cookie recipes! But what about chocolate chip cookies? Why can't they have fun shape? I feel that type of cookie has been snubbed by the gingerbread men, and laughed at by the shapely sugar cookies.

The poor chocolate chip cookie. Is it condemned to live it's whole existence, not as a square, but a a round cookie? Is it unable to get in any shape?

"Well, screw that!" I say! At least I did when my dad asked me to make chocolate chip dead men cookies...
Yup, that right. The impossible! I looked it up online to see if anyone had ever done this before, and if they had any suggestions. There was nothing! It must be impossible! Then I looked at the cookie cutter, and white chocolate chips in my hands, and they said: "I'm possible!"

Lets do this! I found a good white chocolate chip cookie recipe online, which makes four dozen cookies, and decided to roll with it. With a rolling pin.

I rolled the dough, white chocolate chips and all! Make sure you don't press down too hard when rolling it out, for you don't what to crush the chocolate chips! Roll it out until it's chocolate chip height!

Then with your cookie cutter, lightly jiggle it while pushing it down, so it's easier to cut out the shapes through all the chocolate chips! When baking the cookies, they became a little deformed, but we are not trying to make gentlemen-ish cookies. We are making these cookies to scare the life out of all the other cookies that told them they weren't good enough! Mwah- ha ha!

When the cookies come out of the oven, I stamped them right away with the skeleton stamp on the back of the cookie cutter! To make the picture visible, I had to press down hard, especially on the face. Then remove them from the pan onto a cooling rack, and WHA-LA! You got yourself the most awesome chocolate chip cookie ever made! That will show those other shaped cookies! Lol Plus they are pretty filling too...

The recipe said it makes four dozen regular cookies. By turning them into skeleton cookies, the recipe of four dozen actually made 18 cookies. That's how big they are! The last one I had to make without the arms, because a ran out of cookie dough!

See? Nothing is impossible!

I hope the next time you make cookies... You make them awesome!

Good day everybody!


  1. I am one of the lucky ones who actually got to eat one! Fun and delish!

  2. Oh these look wonderful! Delicious cookies and a book and a blog too. You are a busy young woman. I love you. <3 G'ma Bunker

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  4. Mmmm! Yummy! And the skeletons are just too cute for life. :)