Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thank You, Now Prepare To Die.

Hello everybody.

I was just in the writing groove! I was literally pouring my heart and soul out, creating a masterpiece in its own right! I was in the middle of writing what I feel is... What I felt was my greatest writing achievement so far when... *Breaths in paper bag*  The worst thing happened...
My laptop suddenly shut off the page I had been working on for the last hour! OMG WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME I SAVED IT?!?!?! It is set to auto-save every ten minutes right?
So I re-opened the page, and everything I wrote today is gone! EVERYTHING! *Rips hair out*
What the hell, auto save??? Where were you on that one?
*Breaths calmly* Maybe I can remember what I had written...
...   ........   .......
Nothing. It just wont flow out of me like it did before. Its not the same... 

How I Feel.

Thank you, my *un* trustworthy laptop. I really did not need anyone to see what I am capable of creating... It is probably best that you scrapped it for me. Thank you, oh so much. Now prepare to die.

How I Also Feel.
Thank you, for letting me rant about a great loss that I have suffered. *Sighs* Now, I am going to try to rewrite it.

I hope you all are having a much better time. Oh, and to my laptop: I am feeling awfully generous at the moment, so I have decided to let you live.

With all that said, have a good day, everybody! :)


  1. Sorry you lost it...but it's also nice to know that you young whipper snappers are as bad as I when it comes to cking auto save...jejeje. .love ya kid

  2. Damn computers. We trust and rely on the darn things with our lives. And what do we get? Heartache! Nothing but heartache! Lol! Keep smiling girl! ;D

  3. ^^ Hehe. That's awful! I always get inspiration when it's least convenient and then by the time I get to a place where I can act on it, it's gone. I'm sorry!