Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Don't Judge Me, But...

Hello readers!

First things first. I have pop up ads all over my computer screen, and as I write this, they are in the way! UGH! I swear... Freaking things... *grumbles* I can't figure out how to get rid of them either...

Anyway, my mom, my sister, and I finally watched the Twilight saga's Breaking Dawn part one and two on Saturday. Yes, we are behind the times by a long shot, but holy crow! Mom and I were yelling at the TV when *SPOILER ALERT* the Volturi ripped Carlisle's head off and burned him! We couldn't recall that happening in the book! (Yet again, we last read the book back in what? 2008?) Then they did the same thing to Jasper, and I was all like: "What kind of shitty movie is this?"

Needless to say we felt a lot better when suddenly, everything was back to the way it was twenty minutes before, and none of that ever happened because it was only what Alice was showing Mr. Creepy laugh dude, what WOULD happen if he chose to start a problem. *Sigh of relief* Thank goodness, because my mom and I really were not in the mood to yell at whoever's bright idea it was to kill off some of the best characters in the whole bloody thing. Plus these movies were made back in 2011 and 2012, so that would have been awkward...

It's amazing what they can do with computers these days! Did you see how thin and disgusting they made Bella look? Wow and *Spoiler* when her back snapped backwards, I was disturbed! However, I would rather watch that part again a hundred thousand times before watching Yellow Brick Road (Which was a terrible movie, btw. Please, don't watch it!), because I literally wanted to spew, and just thinking about it makes me ill. I never thought a movie could do that to me, but Yellow Brick Road proved me wrong!

Hey, I just figured out how to get rid of those blasted, partly invisible, pop up adds! WEEEEEEEEEEW! Go me! Any-HOO, I thought you all should know that this girl, once insanely obsessed with Twilight, finally watched the last two movies. Ha ha ha...

Ladies, did you find that you were team Edward in the books, but team Jacob in the movies? I sure did. I guess in all, I'm Switzerland!

Wow, three blog posts in a month! I might be all dried up for February!
See ya next time!

P.S. A lot of people have told me that I look like Kristen Stewart. Family, friends, neighbors, strangers... Even when I died my hair black, she suddenly becomes Snow White.
I made a side by side picture to show people how obviously wrong they all were... But then I saw it for myself...  Lol I guess she is my doppelganger! I'm just better at showing my happiness! But i hated how i looked in the picture, so i decided to delete it!
Lol, okay, I'm done now!


  1. We are behind the times my sweet daughter, but as they say, better late than never! And I am so with you! Team Edward in the books, but Taylor Lautner is such a cutie! Lol

  2. I was yellin gwith you guys on the inside... i was too pissed to really say anythin gtho. They sure had us going there for a while!!! And i freaking love that toy story pic you have up here!!!

    1. Lol, I saw that Toy Story picture, and though it was perfect!

  3. Wtf is wrong with me? "Yellin gwith" & "anythin gtho"??? Thats been happening to me a lot lately!! >_<

  4. You and Kristen Stewart do look alike, but you are so much prettier because you know how to smile!
    I love reading your blog, you're so funny! And I am impressed with your posting frequency, it's much better than mine has been recently. :)

    1. Thank you! I can smile without having to practice! lol I been having a flooding of post ideas lately! You'll get ideas for posts soon! Heck, you've already wrote three today! :D

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