Thursday, December 12, 2013

Important Announcement! It's a short one too!

Hello, lovely readers!
How have you been?
I have amazing news, I am literally buzzing with excitement!

(I would be the minion wrapped in toilet paper)

My book is now for sale on the Barnes and Nobles website, for the US and the United Kingdom!
'Witch In The Woods' by Taylor Ann Bunker!
I'm speechless.
I have a Nook book.... It's an ebook...

      "Witch In The Woods" is a YA, paranormal, fiction novel.
It's about a witch hunter named Victor Steep, who travels to the town of Beth's Hollow for what he believes is just a normal case. He soon discovers that that the witch he was hired to hunt has a deadly obsession, and a desire to have Victor's skull in her disturbing collection.
I would write more, but I am still sort of glossy-eyed, and in la la land... *sigh*  
Any questions? Please, write them in the comments! If not, then continue on with your life. You won't hurt my feeler's.

Hope you all might like to check it out!

Here is the link!


  1. I bought it and am currently on chapter 6. It is so good! Your a fabulous writer Taylor! So proud of you!