Thursday, November 14, 2013

Things you never knew!

Hello once again, readers! Are you ready to learn something? Me neither, lets get started!
This is going to be a very random, but hopefully, an informative post.
Here are thirteen random facts most people don't know!
*Breaks out into song*
"I reeeally don't like it! Rock the cash box! Rock cash box!"
Wait, you mean to tell me that I miss heard the lyrics? I committed a mondegreen? Well, everybody does it.

  1. Yes, the first thing on my list of things you never knew, is the actual name of miss heard lyrics. Who would have thought there was actually a word for it? Mondegreen!
  2. Your right lung takes in more air than your left lung. Are you feeling breathless now? I had to take an extra deep breath after learning that!
  3. Okay American readers, if you're in the following percentile, I'll be embarrassed for you. *eh-hem!* 55 percent of Americans don't know that the sun is a star. (Hopefully they are just talking about babies and small children.)
  4. Man boobs are called Gynecomastia! Sorry everybody, that was awkward... Hee hee....  
  5. Superglue is forever. If that were true, I would still be glued to my mom's Christmas snowman's head, my own fingers, and hundreds of other various items. Wait, what if they mean it doesn't expire? Hmm... That changes things...
  6. Walt Disney had originally named Mickey Mouse, Mortimer Mouse!
  7. The average chocolate bar contains eight insect pieces. Ew! *Looks at chocolate bar* Eh, it's only protein. *Bites into chocolate* Mmm, I love you chocolate!
    Wait a minute! Where the hell do you find one of these?!
  8. Stressed is desserts spelled backwards. Are you feeling stressed about eating that insect infested chocolate bar you bought for desserts? Or perhaps you're stressed because you can't find any m&m's chocolate bars?!
  9. A person swallows 295 times while eating dinner. (I shouldn't have read this one. Now I'm going to be counting all through dinner!)  
  10. 99% of people cannot lick their elbows. You just tried, didn't you? HA, HA! *Looks around suspiciously for unwanted listeners* "Pssst!" *whispers* "I tried it too!"
  11. Chewing gum while cutting onions will keep you from crying. Really? I'll find that out for myself in a couple years when my braces come off. Seriously people, I doubt this one is true. If you don't cry, it's not an onion. 
  12. Coconuts kill more people than sharks do. Remind me to avoid the coconuts at the grocery store for now on!
  13. Squirrels forget where 50 percent of the nuts they've hidden are. I wonder why that is? Hmm...                 

That concludes my 13 facts post. That was fun, I'll have to write another one sometime... Sorry for ruining you good people on chocolate! Feel free to gloat if you knew any of these facts! Ha ha ha, can someone give me some chocolate? I just saw a chocolate commercial... Where is Wonka-vision when you need it?
Check back to see if I'm not too lazy to write another post!
Don't fear the chocolate.


  1. That was fun! My brain refuses to make a big deal about the bug parts in my chocolate. Gonna eat it happily anyhoo! Lol! ;-)

    1. WEEEEW! Yeah, bugs are protein, so it makes chocolate just that much better! Lol I'm glad you liked my post! :D

  2. those damn squirrels ... Buddy knows where they all were ...he dug them up and ate them.