Friday, October 25, 2013

Creepy Games! Part 2

Welcome back, my friends. *Laughs like Vincent Price*

Hide and Seek Alone
This is a Japanese game. My sister told me about it! I bet you're wondering: "How am I supposed to play it alone?"
Trust me, you don't want to play this version of hide and seek. You are the only person in the house; however you are not alone...
It is also called One Man Hide and Seek. But I have to advise you to never play this game.
Basically you are playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with... *Que creepy organ music!*
A possessed doll. *Lightning strikes!* Those wacky Japanese!
What I find really creepy is that I saved a picture of a creepy doll into my laptop, and now I can't find it.

In order to play this demented, life endangering game, you need a doll. I read that you shouldn't use a human like doll, for then the spirit won't leave... (Did you know that the doll was made to house the souls of the dead?)
I won't give out all the instructions on how to prepare the doll, but other items needed for this game is rice, something from your body like hair, nails, blood.... *Candle flickers* Red thread, a bathtub, and a cup of salt water (In your hiding spot).
       At three in the morning, you start the game. It's dark, and do not turn on any lights! *Blows out candle*
You give the doll a name. Let's call him Jeff. When the clock strikes three you tell the doll three times, for example: "Totless is the first it!" Then you leave the doll in the bathtub, taking your weapon with you... *GASP!*
Oh, did I forget to tell you that you need a weapon? I hear most people use a needle, because it is less likely to kill you. Now, back to the game!
Go to your hiding spot, and count to ten. Go back to the bathroom and say "I have found you Jeff!" and stab the doll with the needle (or other weapon of choice). Then you say: "Now Jeff is it!" Three times. Put the doll and weapon in the bathtub, and immediately (RUN LIKE MAD!) to your hiding place!
      I sit quietly in my hiding spot, trying to control my heavy breathing as I try to keep out of sight.
Suddenly, i hear the little pitter patter of the doll's feet, as it creeps out of the bathroom to find me.
Oh why did I decide to play this creepy game? Something has to be wrong with me... Then I notice a horrible smell... Does that mean Jeff getting closer?
      I hold my breath and close my eyes. It may be dark in here, but I don't want to risk seeing him yet.
As I hear the little footsteps getting quieter, I let out a deep breath.
I think it's time to end this demented game!
      Holding the cup of salt water to my lips, I take in a mouth full and am careful not to swallow. I crawl out of my hiding place, and realize my legs feeling weak and shaking. I don't think I can handle this! What if Jeff finds me first?
      This could be a big bunch of bologna! I could have imagined hearing little footsteps! However, the thought doesn't make me feel any better. As I am looking for Jeff, I decide to look in the bathtub, but neither Jeff nor the weapon is in there... (What ever happened to a nice friendly game of Parcheesi?)
      Okay Chucky, where are you? Clutching my cup of salt water as i tiptoe down the hallway, I realize that I am breathing heavily through my nose. This is not helping my stealth mode... I turn towards my bedroom, feeling my heart do cartwheels inside my chest as I catch sight of Jeff's creepy little silhouette in the dark! Frantically I dump the contents of my cup onto the doll, and spit the salt water on him as well. "I win! I win! I WIN!" I shout! Quickly I pick the doll up and cut the red thread.
(BTW I did not do this! I'm not stupid enough to play this game!)
*Film breaks!*
And that is how you end the game. Cutting the red thread will free the spirit and end the game. However, once you start the game, you have to finish it! You must see it through to the end, and never let the game go on for more that two hours, if you would even allow it to go on for that long! Other sites say that you must drown the doll in salt water and then burn it completely in order to end the game and protect yourself.

Things to remember if you are foolish enough to play:
  • DO not play with anyone else in the house, unless they have contributed their hair (or other body part) to doll and are playing with you. 
  • When returning to your hiding place, never look behind you! (You might see something!)
  • Don't go outside of the house!
  • Never leave your hiding place without the salt water in your mouth.
Play if you dare... But seriously, don't play this game.

Catch you later...   



  1. Lol! Wow!!! What a crazy damn game! I guess some people don't find life exciting enough! Thanks Taylor! Perfect stories for the Halloween season!

    1. That ain't no joke! Ha ha, I'm glad you like my spooooky posts! :D

  2. Holy crap! Jeff is hiding in your computer!!!!!!!

    1. I know! I hope he doesn't kill it! I'm sorry my computer!!!!! lol