Thursday, October 24, 2013

Creepy Games! Part 1

      It is October, and the infamous holiday "Halloween!" is almost upon us. YAY! I thought I would talk about some creepy games. (Haley is the one who started the whole creepy game idea for me! LOL Thank you!)
      First I thought I would talk about the well known game: Bloody Mary! *Lightning strikes!*

      Imagine seeing that in your mirror! We all heard that if you stand in front of a mirror in the dark, and say Bloody Mary three times, you will see her in the mirror. AHHHHH! Of course this legend/creepy game shares a name with Queen "Bloody" Mary of England (King Henry VIII daughter). The Queen persecuted protestants, 300 of the were burned at the steak. She never had children, and also had several false pregnancies. All of this, gave her the name "Bloody" Mary. Her name may be the only thing she truly shares with this legend. Some say Bloody Mary was a witch who was killed for practicing witchcraft.
What do you you believe?
Now to the creepy stuff, and nostalgic memories!
      I vaguely remember this, for I was a very young girl the first time my sister and I tried Bloody Mary. Haley tells me we played it once, maybe 15 years ago... I was probably five... Good game for a five year old, wouldn't you say? Ha ha! Back to the story: I don't remember it at all.
I do remember our friend Scott had told us about Bloody Mary.
I can recall the three of us standing in his bathroom in front of the mirror and the light was off. We chanted her name three times... Nothing happened, and if I am remembering this correctly, we chanted it another three times. Still nothing. We gave up.
      The third time my sister and I played the game (Yes, we were demented little girls. Trying it more than once? Probably very stupid of us, seeing how this house we played it in was haunted.)
I was eight or nine. We sat on my bedroom floor and stared at my closet mirrors while chanting her name three times. Nothing again. We were actually relieved! Whew!
      With this creepy ass game, I heard that you would see her bloody face in the mirror, and that's all. Maybe she would scream, and that's it. I looked it up on the Internet recently, and was shocked to learn that if you DO see her, you could have your eyes ripped out of your head, be found dead and bloody on the bathroom floor, or get trapped in the mirror for eternity with the evil Blood Mary! 0_o Whew! Dodged that bullet!

The Sandman from my new favorite show: Sleepy Hollow!

      Another game we played around that time was the sandman game, which we did during sleep overs with a friend.
      You have to lay on your back on the floor, and your friends sit around you. One friend tells a story, and you have to focus on it. The friend tells you that the sandman has you, and he is cutting open your arms, legs, stomach, and run their finger down that body part to simulate the sensation of being cut open. (This isn't a demented game or anything. 0_o) The sandman fills you up with sand, and your friends pat down on you, making it feel like you're getting packed with sand. Then the sandman stitches you up! Your friends run their fingers up you limbs in a zigzag fashion, making it feel like you are getting stitched up.
      Then you are supposed to sit up, but it's hard because you truly feel like you're filled with sand! We thought that was so cool! lol
It's amazing what the power of suggestion can do to you!
      Next is... *Que creepy music!* HIDE AND SEEK ALONE...
Learn about that spooky game in part two!
I'll be waiting for you... Mwah ha ha!  


  1. Alright. I do enjoy your writings.

  2. Alright. I do enjoy your writings.

  3. Creepy! I remember doing the bloody mary thing as a kid too. But the sandman is a new one to me! Whew! Can't wait for part 2!

  4. Can't wait to see what you have to say about the midnight game, and hide and seek alone!

    1. Wow! lol maybe I should make my two part-er a three part thing! :)

  5. cant wait to read about the other games!