Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So close, yet so far!

      I joined this survey site over a month ago, so I could make a little money while I write my book. (I only have 5 chapters left to write before mom and I start the major editing!) This site allows you to see how much money you make, and once you get up to $30's, you can request your check. Sounds good! So the other day, I finally earned the $30's! WOO HOO! I have been taking surveys, searching on their search engine, and watching their videos... It's about time.
      When I requested my check, they gave me an option... There is a $3 processing fee, but if you can get up to $40's or more in a month, they will pay for it. However, if you would rather have your check now, they'll take the fee out of what you have already earned.
      So, I decided I would try to get up to the $40 mark... Now it appears as though they are trying really hard to give me surveys I don't qualify for (example: What is your gender? Female. Sorry, you don't qualify!) I have not been receiving as many paid emails either. Those evil doers! However, I found that I can still make money watching the videos. I earn 1 cents for video. Wow. When did the number one become a plural?
      You can earn up to 15 cents a day by using their search engine. I have run out of things I want to look up though. I find that I look at an awful lot of parrot related stuff, and things you can feed to your parakeets (Lurch, Sid and Fergus seem to think everything that isn't seed is poisonous or something). I also look up strange peanut butter sandwiches. One day, I am going to have to try a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. The peanut butter and tomato sandwich looks good too. Lol. And the peanut butter bacon sandwich tops my list! It sounds sooo good! *Drools*
      Anyway, I have only qualified for three surveys since this had started four days ago. I can normally qualify for three surveys a day. It is funny what one will do for money. I'll just sit here for the next hour, taking this survey for 50 cents. Or I'll just sit here for two hours trying to qualify for a survey in order to make 50 cents. If I am luck, I will make 75 cents!
      Receiving my check is so close, yet it is so far away! Not that I'm complaining or anything. All I am really trying to say, is that they should play fair! (And don't give me surveys that are specifically made for a man! They know I am a girl! However, according to the 'who were you in your past life' generators, I was apparently a man. Ha ha, why are funny generators addicting?)
Lurch agrees!
(I think he does anyway. I don't speak parakeet)
What are you agreeing to, Lurch? 
That the survey site should play fair, or that generators are addicting?
I guess we'll never know.


  1. Awesome! Yes they are evil doers! .50 cents an hour sucks bad lol, but a few extra bucke here and there is a good thing!

    1. Yeah, lol I can't complain about that! :)

  2. Another great post! You're doing great to be up to $30 this soon. No, they don't play fair!