Thursday, June 13, 2013

Accidentally Froze a Watermelon!

        Ever wondered what would happen if you froze a watermelon? You would be surprised to know...
It gets frozen. It's as hard as a rock! The thing you REALLY want to know is what happens when it thaws...
We accidentally froze a watermelon, so I decided to take advantage of it! 
      During the first stage of the thawing process, the melon will begin to sweat, for it is no longer used to extreme temperatures. It will get shiny, and smells of watermelon... Nice and fruity!
I decided that I should flick the melon, and the condensation hit me back in the face! *panics* MY EYES!
      Then, from it's strange belly button thing, it will start to foam... (the opposite end from where the stem used to be... I guess its not really the belly button thing, now is it?) Rabid watermelon! Hmm... Maybe we shouldn't have left it on mom's nice place mat....

      The usually hard rind of the watermelon will become squishy, and will poof back up when poked and prodded. You can feel the still frozen flesh inside! Mwah ha ha! (evil laugh) The wheels inside my head were turning at this point. That was when I decided to document the defrostification process. (yes, I am aware defrostification is not a word, because I just made it up!)
      The bottom of the watermelon will become a nasty tan-ish color, and will look wrinkly, or as though it has bulging veins from thinking too hard... I can't believe we left it on the place mat that long! Ew...

      If you are like me, you will feel compelled to touch the tan-ish, gross part of the melon. That area was probably always that color, but I did not look at it until it was already defrosting. The tan-ish part was still frozen, and hard. Not squishy like the rest of it. Very note worthy....

      Alas, mom came and moved the watermelon outside. At this point, the fruit is sticky (I think the foam was the juices squeezing out of it.) and has left the place mat smelling strange. The poor table clothing did not smell of sweet watermelon... I can't describe the smell... However, the place mat is back to normal now!
      As more of the meat inside softens, the more fun it became to poke at it. Look at how you can squish the rind! Go ahead and pinch it!

      When the melon was only partially thawed, the night had come upon us. So, I decided not to wait any longer, and chopped that melon open! Yes, now we would get to see the inside...

      Looks just like a watermelon. It was rather disappointing... But it was very squishy around the edges, and part of the frozen meat inside had split. I was hoping for more liquidated-ness... Anyway, while the meat was still frozen, we thought we should taste it... Mmm, frozen melon is not bad at all!
      What should we do with the melon now? Suddenly, my mom hatched a devious plan! We grabbed the melon and took it outside. It was dark, so no wondering eyes would spot us in the act! We tossed the watermelon into the park! We could only see the melons dark silhouette, as it flew through the air! We could hardly seeing anything, as it went crashing down to the ground, creating a most satisfying SPLAT! If only we could have seen the collision!
      Now the wild animals can come enjoy this frozen treat! The next day, we went out side to see if anything had munched on it, only to find the two halves still out there, untouched by any living creature. The meat had melted, leaving a small pool of water inside it's sad, green, squishy shell. Sorry, watermelon. (My phone had died, so there is no picture of the sad green thing.)

      Now you know what would happen during the defrosting of an accidentally frozen watermelon!
You're welcome.


  1. Hahaha! Funny story. At least we all know how to murder a watermelon now. LOL

  2. Haha! Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  3. That was fun, informative and highly educational! thanks for sharing!

  4. I live here, and i missed all of that! Haha i'm glad you got pics!!

  5. ok now I think I would have eaten the frozen meat.. but then that is just me