Friday, May 24, 2013

It's possessed!!!

     When I was in the first grade, I had a birthday party. What kid doesn't get a birthday party?
Anyway, to get to the point, one of my gifts was a couple Furbies. They were very popular at that time. Probably because they talked, and you could interact with them. It was like a pet, but if you killed it, all you had to do was put new batteries in it. A perfect pet for the average kid who often forgets to feed their animal.
      I didn't know I wanted a furby until I got a couple. I got one biggish furby, that was blue and black, and a smaller one that was brown and grey. I gave the smaller one to my sister, Haley. They were really fun! At first... I though it was soo cool that it could talk, sing, and you could feed it with your finger! It was magic to me! I got kicks and giggles when I would freak the toy out, by turning it upside down as though it was on a roller coaster!
      Later that first night, we put the furbies next to our bunk bed. (Haley got top bunk, so I was RIGHT next to the Furbies.) Picture this: The house was quiet, as everyone inside nestled in their beds, and began to drift off into some much needed sleep after a long day. "WEEEEEE!" A furby rolls, all by itself! Two, startled little girls lay in their beds. That's a little creepy...
      "Girls, stop playing and go to sleep!" says the parents.
Our jaws drop. "We didn't do anything!"
The amazing part is, our parents believed us.
I think this might have happened a couple times.
      That obviously didn't scare the willies out of us, for we played with them for the next few days. One thing that I remember the most about the pleasant times spent with the furbies, was when they would tell you, "Be qua!" Which we still say to this day when someone is being loud.
      Like most children, my sister and I lost interest, and didn't play with them too much after that. The furbies spent a majority of their time, sitting alone with each other, singing.
      "Twinkle twinkle little star. You, SING!"
      "La la la la la la la! You, SING!"
After a long time, the furbies were not sounding... Normal... Glitching voices, is the description that comes to mind. It took ten minutes for them to say "I'm hungry!" Even the sound of their voices changed. CREEPY!  
What really freaked us out was when it would speak, yet really say nothing at all. "A-aa-uuu-uo-ooo-w-weww-g-aaa---fff-t-" *Hair stands on end.*
It's possessed!
No, the batteries were actually dying.
Oh. Well, it shouldn't take too long now.
Meanwhile, the possessed little toy, clings on for life.
AHHHHHHHH! MOMMY!!!! (Thankfully, she took out the batteries!)
      Furbies disappeared for a few years, and life was blissful. Until recently... The Furbies made a come back! AAAAHHH! Now you can sync your ipod to it or something. I just hope they fix all the problems *possessed-ish-ness* the toy seemed to have. I do have to say, the Furbies were not the only toys I had a creepy encounter with, but the other one that comes to mind was paranormal... You just may read about it one day!
I got rid of my furby many years ago, but here is one that looks exactly like him!



  1. OMG! Those things would go of on tangents while you girls were at school and scare the life out of me!!! LOL!

    1. I knew there had to be more creepy things to add to the list! Those creepy toys... lol

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  3. So creepy! I had the pink and yellow one. One night at a sleepover, a friend and I accidentally switched our identical furbys! Well, she had taught hers to curse, so now my sweet furby friend was cussing at me! He didn't last long lol.