Friday, May 10, 2013

First Blog Post!

      I made this blog page maybe a week or two ago. I thought, 'Maybe I should start blogging! Get my name out there a little.' Since I am trying to become an author, why not?
So today I decided to stop procrastinating, and just write. O_o What does one blog about, exactly? What should a first post be about? Unfortunately, I could not find my lovely cousins first blog as an example. So I googled what a first post should be of. What I found was people saying things like,
'Write about anything you are interested in! It's basically an online journal anyone can read.'
That does not really help my quest for information on a FIRST blog post. However, I never gave up! And I never surrendered! (Now I'm in the mood to watch Galaxy Quest!)

      Okay, getting back on topic! Introducing yourself in your first blog, some say, is a great way to get started! Then what is the 'About' thing about? Ah, it couldn't hurt to write about myself twice. Let's give it a go!
      I am a silly girl, known by many names. Totless Tater, Tater Tot, etc... With a big family. My goal is to become a novelist of young adult fiction. Think of paranormal fiction! (Honestly, I would love to be the next J.K. Rowling!) But not under my real name of course. No one would really take a book written by a Tater seriously. Ha ha. When I fully decide on a pen name, I shall post it on here, and if I forget, you'll find out one day when I tell you the name of the book!

      I dream of touring haunted places around the world! I love those spooky things! I swear, one day, you may be hearing about a haunted road trip! I am determined to one day go to Sleepy Hollow!!! And Salem!

 (Yes, that is a creepy cupcake!)
(From my sister's birthday)
(I made it :P)

Funny that is my first picture, considering I don't like cake. "No cake, it's not you. It's me. Okay, it was mostly you."
     How can I not put down my love for animals? That mainly revolve around birds! My awesome parents got me a parakeet for my birthday!!!! Whom I named Lurch by the way. (You rang?) Yes, after The Adams Family! He is quite the character! However, I don't think he liked his spinach... He didn't even try it!


      That is me in a nut shell. OMG! Almost forgot to express my obsession of peanut butter!!! Yeah, you will most likely hear more about that in the future. That is, if you decide to stick with me that long!  ;D         

Look down! My cousins blog!

(Check her out!)

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